My Internship Experience

Sriraag Av
2 min readMay 9, 2021

Hello Readers !

In this blog i’d like to discuss my final semester internship experience. In December i came across an opportunity at F13 technologies. There was an opening for network security intern. I applied and got selected. Now let me get into detail of what my internship was all about.

In the first 4 weeks we were put through training for network secyrity associate certification offered by fortinet. We had classes twice a week and in the remaining time we had to self study.

After the first 4 weeks our main work started. We were expected to do a lot of things. As part of the internship project, written reports were submitted as a deliverable of the entire project. The reports were at the minimum composed of executive summary, details of weaknesses identified, their risk, risk rating, specific mitigation/ remediation strategies and long term solution (Fortinet). The reports included details of successful testing techniques executed by the tool to identify and deliver all possible security issues to the client. Static Analysis of the website was done to identify its IP addresses information, records and subdomains. Vulnerability assessments were analysed at a certain “point in time”. A suitable methodology followed by the tool for delivering the requirements. The methodology clearly laid out the overall steps from initiation to closure of the project engagement.

We worked on testing the strength of different websites. Now what was the objective ? The fundamental objective of Security Testing is to distinguish the dangers in the framework and measure its expected weaknesses, so the dangers can be experienced and the framework doesn’t quit working or can not be misused. It likewise helps in recognizing all conceivable security chances in the framework and assists engineers with fixing the issues through coding. The importance and aim for Security Tests is to distinguish all potential escape clauses and shortcomings of the product framework which may bring about a deficiency of data, income, notoriety on account of the employees of the organization. The objective of this project is to assess the client’s website against vulnerabilities that may cause threat to the organization, provide

Now finally i’d like to leave you guys with a fun image of a sites report card. I like this term as it’s just a image that tells you about the strength of the site post testing.

I worked in this role for sixteen week and had a great time. I learned lot of new things from people experienced in the cyber security field. I look forward to learning more things related to cyber security in future.