Summer Internship Experience

Sriraag Av
3 min readAug 3, 2020

Hello everyone !

I want to share my internship experience hence I'm writing this blog. So, in may i started my internship with here maps. This opportunity was provided to me by my university. It wasn't the most computer science based internship, but it was fun and i learned something new. Internships are often seen as something very important and a must for students before they Graduate. I do agree with the reason behind it. A trial version of a life which most of us may end up living all our life.

So i’ll start by letting you he readers know about the basic structure and work of my internship.It was a target oriented work. As the name suggests , it has everything to do with roads and maps. We were given a task to mark 1000km in the span of 2 months. Considering the fact that most of the roads were already marked , it was an uphill battle to find new roads and reach our goal. We were divided into team of 3. This was done so that we could be self reliable and efficient. Even though Here maps itself would check our work every week, working in teams of three helped us check our work ourselves and provided instant feedback. So it boiled down to a combined effort of 3000 km in 2months with 3 of us in a team.

Next challenge was to find legit roads to mark. Let me tell everyone here, it was the hardest part of our internship. A company that has a job of updating and editing roads , has already marked most of the roads. We had to look for them in corners of our country’s map. My choice of marking was Rajasthan. The part towards the west of Rajasthan was like a gold mine for me. My edits were mostly based in this region.I would mark around 200 a week and get it reviewed by my teammates and here maps. The rejected Kms were re edited or removed by me and i’d continue following this process. I did the same for my teammates and helped us to reach the goal faster and efficiently.

To put it simply , the website was easy to access and simple to use . I had an easy time asking questions and learning the work because of the mentors. It was getting tough to find new areas to mark for me at some point but because of the time given to us and proper guidance , i was able to meet my goal and complete the task provided to me. Everyday i look forward to learning something new and test my skills in different environment and settings. Finally i think most of the credit goes to my university and here maps for helping the students out in tough times like these.