Sriraag Av
2 min readNov 16, 2020

Hello readers !

In this article i’ll write about my capstone project. I’m in my 7th semester and we were asked to work on a capstone project. After a lot of thinking I decided to team up with my friend to work on a very cool project. I decide to make a platform which would help in organising MUNs.

What is a MUN ? Let’s start with the full form of MUN . MUN stands for MODEL UNITED NATIONS. Now we all know what UNITED NATIONS or better known as UN is. MUN is like a simulation of UN which is very popuplar amongst college and school students. Every participant is given a country to represent and prepare accordingly with respect to agenda.

Now I’ll try to explain my project. A lot processes in MUN are done manually or are semiautomated. We are trying to make a platform where every user can post about their event and use the platform to market it. Now let’s talk about the participants or delegates. A participant can create a profile and edit things as they please. A user can also create an event and post it online.

Why this project ? I wanted to learn how to do web development. It was a great opportunity. I learned how to do so using Django. Django is a python framework which helps you to create a website using python as its base language. I leaned a lot in the process and was able to develop a massive skill.

Finally i would like to thank all those involved in the process of making this project. I have learned a lot and worked on something that was fun . I have always loved MUNs as they are fun to take part in and help you improve your general knowledge. I want to keep working on this project and include more modules and features so that the platform becomes more and more user friendly.